'Saved' | NYU Tisch

Dir. David Ramirez

"Friday Night Lights" | Music Video
Dir. Kenny Hollywood
Song by Chantele DiBrava

'Play Time' | NYU Tisch

Dir. David Ramirez

Clip from: "Romantic Encounter"
Ghetto Film School Prod.

Siri V.O.
"The Daily Life of The Modern Teenager" | Dir. Carlos Doces & Benjamin Freemantle

*(start at 10:50. note, moment of delay at 11:28)

"Actor: Rejected" | Webisode

Prod. Ellemar Films

*(start at: 10:13, end at 11:01)

"Still Shots" 



Kenneth J. Stewart

'Friday Night Lights'

Music Video

-Stills & Behind the Scenes-


Still Photographer

Chantele DiBrava

'Saved' | Dir. David Ramirez
Still Shots
'PlayTime' | Dir. David 'Ramirez
Still Shots

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