Hi there!

Welcome to my site.  I hope you enjoy your stay here and please,
pick up a complimentary bag of peanuts on your way out. 

Just kidding... I forgot to buy peanuts.

I love art!  My passion is in traditional drawing.  
This includes illustration, concept art, and more!  Other types of art I enjoy include photography, sculpting, jewelry making, typography, motion graphics, and digital illustration.

I like to work with others who enjoy art and telling a story 
as much as I do.  Apples, Pillsbury chocolate cake, watermelon,
and Velveeta mac and cheese are my
favorite foods.  Things that make me happy include my cats, swimming, seafoam green,
walking outside, digging through history, watching an old film,

and dancing in the rain.


Thanks for reading.  Now have a look around!

Yours truly,
Sarah  L.

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