Let Me Play
Tumble Dry
Urban Tree
Hung by Gravity, Defying Glitter
Mom Leading the Path of Liberty
Pastel Gratitude
Eyes of the Putty Tat
I See You
Flower Power
Where Art Though, My Kitty Cat?
Gratitude, Sky High
Blinded by the Light
Colors In My Eyes
The Drink That Made You Go
Nature Grows in Citiest of Places
Sketch My Heart Above Our Heads
How the Foam Inside It Glows
Upon Thy Roof, My Baby and I
Gopher in Disguise
From the Bottom Up
There's a Crepe on My Plate
The Light of Blue to Scan Through
Why Hello There


© 2015 by Sarah Larson

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This Was Just a reminder

Through the Sunset
How Many Thy Branches Be
Color the Sky
Upon thy Castle's Peak
My Hands, The Earth
You Look Comfortable
The Power of Yellow
Wet Feet
Drink From the Juice, Precious
Peeking Through, From Me To You
The Skies Have Spiraled
Sparkles and the Red Balloon
By the Light of the Georgia Moon
Bette Davis Eyes
Balloons Are So Romantic
Exchange Not But Keep Your Heart
Nose to Nose
Now You See Me
Thumbnail Page
A Head As Big As My Fluff
Catch Me If You Can
One Woman's Closet, Is A Cat's Bed
You Washed These for Me, Right?

© 2016 by Sarah Larson


Created by Sarah Larson